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Chicago CTA Transit Tracker: Most Accurate and Real Time Bus and Train Tracker

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Do you often forget or miss out on bus and train timings and routes? Chicago CTA Transit Tracker is here to help you with that. Don’t ever miss the bus and train again. Enjoy your ride with Chicago CTA Transit Tracker.

Transit Tracker app makes use of Global Positioning GPS System hardware, along with proper wireless communications technology. With this hardware and technology, it is able to track the real-time location of buses and trains when you ride in Chicago. With the help of CTA Bus Tracker and Train Tracker, you will be able to go anywhere easily.

Chicago CTA Transit Tracker gives you information about when the next bus and train will arrive at your stop. You can know this even if you are still at home or office, with the help of CTA Bus Tracker and CTA Train Tracker .

Chicago CTA Transit Tracker has the following features:


The Live Bus Tracking feature tracks the bus that you want to catch. All you need to do is put in your bus number or location in the search bar. The app will tell you exactly where the bus is at the moment.


The app lets you save the bus routes or train routes of what you use the most. This way it is easy to keep track of your buses or trains directly from CTA.


This app gives you real-time rail and train time predictions with next train. For L train station in Chicago.


The app also provides static mapping for L system train.

CTA Bus Tracker.

The CTA Bus Tracker helps you track the bus that you want to ride on. You can do this by simply entering the Stop no. in the app. Or you can select a route, a direction, and a stop for the bus. You will then be able to see the estimated arrival of that particular bus.

You can also receive estimated arrival times by a simple text message. You just have to type status [stopID] and send it to 41411. And in return, you will receive estimated bus arrivals. Or what you can do is subscribe to CTA with an email address and a password and receive service alerts and vehicle arrival notifications. The Bus map helps you see where exactly your bus is at the moment. That way you can keep a track of the bus.

CTA Train Tracker.

In order to get an estimated arrival of a train, you can track the train by using the following method:
First of all, select a route. The routes will be shown in different colors- Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Yellow.
Or you can pick a stop from your Favourite/Recent stops that you may have entered earlier.
Or you can search by entering the name of the train. Type a route color to narrow in order to narrow your search.
You can also follow a train by using the run number. You can also track a train on the map.